The services offered by Tim Feetham Consulting focus on business intelligence. BI is a field that includes a number of strategies and technologies for using available data for management reporting and analysis. A business intelligence initiative may include the building of a data warehouse, an operational data store, and/or a packaged analytical application – or it may rely upon direct access to operational data. The field of BI stretches from quick, tactical projects with focused benefits to comprehensive data warehousing initiatives with both tactical and strategic returns.


Tim can help clients plan and implement cost effective business intelligence strategies and/or projects that fit the needs of their organizations through the following services:


Exploring Business Intelligence Options

Getting To An Effective Business Intelligence Strategy

Implementing A Business Intelligence Strategy

On-going Data Warehousing Architectural Services

Data Analysis Projects

Business Intelligence Product Marketing



Exploring Business Intelligence Options –


Customized briefings can help a company to understand its business intelligence options. Tim can develop briefings designed to generate interest and buy-in for a new business intelligence initiative or he can speak to how you can increase the leverage of your current systems.




Getting To An Effective Business Intelligence Strategy –


Getting to an effective business intelligence strategy takes an honest assessment of your organizational goals, economics, attitudes, talent, organization, technology, production processes, and data resources. Once we have these, we can review the options that are open to you. The process should not go into great detail and should be completed in a relatively short period of time.  





Implementing A Business Intelligence Strategy –


An effective business intelligence strategy requires a sound framework. This framework includes data, process, technical, financial, organizational, and timeline models. Depending upon the goals of the organization, Tim can provide these architectural services or he can assist your architecture team in providing them.


Assessing new technology can be a challenge. Tim can provide assistance in planning and reviewing database management systems, enterprise reporting tools, analytical tools, extract – transform – and load technology, and portal software.


Many data warehousing efforts run into problems with physical database design. Tim can assist your team in tuning your database for efficient loading and access. He can also work with your data modeling staff to ensure that the database organization is reflected in a sound structural model.





On-going Data Warehousing Architectural Services -


A data warehouse architect is a key part of a large organization's data warehousing team.

Data warehousing presents similar requirements for small and medium sized companies. However, the need for an experienced data warehouse architect's services may not warrant a full time add-to-staff. Those companies will be better served by developing a relationship with an independent data warehouse architect. Tim offers such a service for small to medium sized companies that are either building a data warehouse for the first time or desire to re-work their current data warehouse according to best practices.


Tim believes that a data warehouse architect should be able to assist a firm with everything from formalizing the business drivers to tracking return on investment. He can help a company with its data architecture needs from overall strategy to logical data modeling and performance tuning. He can design the processes required to maintain the data warehouse as well as work with the company to build an optimal technical architecture for its unique needs. Tim can also assist in designing the data warehouse access framework and the administrative support function.


If a company finds itself ready for a full-time architect, Tim is available to help define the position and/or assist the company in its candidate selection process.






Data Analysis Projects –


Sometimes all an organization needs is the answer to a key question and the time is not right for creating an overall business intelligence strategy. Given the availability of the necessary data, Tim can assist you in this sort of project or he may be able recommend other resources. 





Business Intelligence Product Marketing 


When a vendor introduces a new product or a significant upgrade to the market, that vendor is frequently interested in market exposure. Product reviews play a significant role in this process. However, a product review may also be valuable during development. This early review process gives the development team and their marketing support an idea of how their product will be perceived when it is released. Tim provides both pre-release and post-release product reviews. He can also work with the vendor to re-position its product if necessary.


Tim contributes his reviews to The Data Warehousing Institute’s FlashPoint, an on-line journal that reaches the most active and well-informed professionals in data warehousing. However, The Data Warehousing Institute guards its motto, “No Hype, No Bias, No Fluff” fiercely, and in order for Tim to get a review accepted by the Institute, it must pass the Institute’s rigorous editorial review. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Vendors using Tim’s product review services should not expect vanity pieces.